• Counsel for the Heart

Are you concerned about family stability? In her uplifting 13-part series, Counsel for the Heart, Bible Instructor Junie Lawson shares down-to-earth principles to help make your family strong.

Every-day people have issues, even those we love and live with. It’s where the heart is most vulnerable that we suffer from broken relationships and past hurts. And sometimes we experience conflict, rebellion, or disillusionment in our circle of love. Junie Lawson has worked for over 20 years as a Bible Instructor, one-on-one in homes. She has counseled hundreds of individuals, always using God’s word to bring courage and strength to the heart.


1. The Prodigal Child
2. Communication in Marriage
3. Blended Families
4. The Role of Women in Marriage
5. Parenting Teenagers
6. Living with an Unbelieving Spouse
7. Overcoming Depression
8. Domestic Violence
9. Dating or Courtship
10. Divorce
11. Dealing with Anger
12. Resolving Bitterness
13. A Spiritual Appetite

Counsel for the Heart

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