• Finding the Fountain of Youth

Ever wondered how to live longer and stay younger? It's no secret as you will discover in this 5-part series by Dr. Diane Burnett! Rather than waiting until you are sick  in this series you can investigate some of the common diseases in our modern day and discover what is causing sickness.

Many of us are concerned about our health. We constantly hear about obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses and ailments that are affecting those around us. God has given us a wonderful prescription for health, and though it may require sacrifices that involve changes to many aspects of our lives, the reward is a longer and healthier life in which we can glorify God, the true Giver and Healer of life!

Series titles:

  • The Laws of Life (The Basic Foundation of Health)
  • Homeland Security: The body’s natural defense and how to  strengthen it to fight today’s plagues 
  • Overcoming the top causes of death   
  • When cells break: The Mechanism of Cancer and How to Prevent it   
  • Protecting the Brain  

Finding the Fountain of Youth

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